Offering a more Sustainable Holiday Experience for our guests

What do we mean by sustainable?
Sustainability focuses on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Our vision

To provide high quality holiday experiences that promote the environment not damage it.

Our approach

We are aiming to make Nature’s Pace holidays as sustainable as practicable. This is a journey that will take time and a lot of learning. One of the key things we are discovering is understanding true sustainable products and what does this mean. Do we buy local over organic. What about the hidden things behind a product? How do we check the provenance? What are the right certifications to look for?

We look to address this by applying our principles to all decisions.

Our principles

Source locally
We will source products from local artisan producers to promote the region and to reduce energy waste in transportation

Reduce, Re-use, Re-cycle
This will minimise energy consumption, waste and landfill.

Awareness of potential impact of all products and Sourcing environmentally friendly products where practical
We will look at the lifecycle of everything that come, consider where it will go afterwards and whether this will have an adverse impact on the environment.

Be transparent, open and honest
We will be open and honest to our staff and customers.

We want to promote the social and environmental pillars of sustainability. We like the principles of the slow food movement:

  • GOOD: quality, flavorsome and healthy food
  • CLEAN: production that does not harm the environment
  • FAIR: accessible prices for consumers and fair conditions and pay for producers

We aim to adopt this in all our products and purchasing. We prioritise:

  • Organic – both the AB and the COSMOS certification
  • Locally produced
  • Artisanal – small producers

Not everything we use or sell will be all three, but we will have considered these all in making our decisions. Some examples:

  • Zero plastic use for bean to cup coffee.
  • Using renewable energy for our gîtes.
  • Installing a miro-station for all sewerage
  • Providing guests with shopping bags for vegetables and fruit at the markets to prevent use of single us bags
  • Supporting guests to try alternative approaches like shampoo bars and soaps as part of our welcome packs. We source thee from our partner at Eco sense who use organic, cruelty free and all natural ingredient
  • Investing in sustainable recycled paper based insulation
  • Using local and organic producers for welcome packs; goats cheese, wine, melon, jam.
  • Develop our stock for our new shop using our principles
  • Fitting our shop using non- formaldehyde OSB boarding
  • Allowing our meadow to be ‘wild’
  • Developing more rain water collection using up-cycled containers
  • Creating fencing using upcycled pallets
  • Creating food and culture weekends that promote and support local sustainable business.


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